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Mother Nature,

Each gem is handpicked in nature as I hike, rock climb, ski, and simply stroll through the neighbourhood. Pine cones, cedar and juniper branches, acorns, fungi and many more organics are hand selected for their exquisite detail, texture and potential. Using the technique of “organic casting”, the natural form is replaced by metal, usually bronze or silver. Through the casting process the delicate textures and details come alive, making each piece appear like it was just collected from the forests. These pieces are one-of-a-kind, Pacific Northwest Coast treasures.

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Natuurlijke Collection

“Natuurlijke” pays homage both to the designs themselves and to my Dutch heritage; “Natuurlijke” means “Nature” in English. The beginning of the collection dates back to 2010 when I attended a casting course and learned about organic casting. I immediately became entranced by the concept and ability to take all my favourite cones and branches and transform them into jewelry. This technique became my focus, and the fun started discovering which specimens could be cast successfully! “Natuurlijke” embodies the essence of the collection, as I transform mother nature's creations into beautiful jewelry. These designs inspire one to take a step into nature and appreciate all the small beauties that make up our landscapes. Each design is hand crafted, one-of-a-kind, and designed in bronze, silver, rhodium or 24k gold. Crafted with love and precision, the recipient of each gem will enjoy nature each day, whether inside or out.

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Sterling Silver

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Inspired by the lush temperate rain forests of the Pacific Northwest Coast, these one-of-a-kind designs transition seamlessly from daytime casual to evening elegance.