Rhodium Plated Balsam Fir Cone Pendant


If I were to choose one necklace that I could take to a dessert island it would be one of my balsam fir cones! These beauties, also known as “White Fir cones” are collected on the slopes of Vancouverʼs local mountains. I hand pick each piece while out skiing during the winter months, as this is the best time of year to collect. I have five favourite trees that produce perfect little balsam fir cones, and I frequent them like a squirrel collecting nuts and seeds during the fall. My pockets usually overflow with these cones on the days following a wind storm when all the cones are easily accessible on the slopes. To make these gems they are first cast in bronze, then hard plated in rhodium, hand polished and presented on a high quality 30 inch sterling silver chain. Since each piece is one of a kind they vary in size from 3-4 cmʼs long, and 1.5-2 cmʼs wide at the base. The amazing texture and gold shimmer (rhodium glow or bronze sparkle) on the cone, and shine to the chain make this piece a unique and stunning addition to any jewelry collection.

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