Rhodium Spruce Tree Cone Pendant


I just love the Rocky Mountains, especially the Jasper area. I have always felt that the Rockies are incredibly picturesque, and almost too perfect to be real; I often feel like the views are part of a painted fake movie set. These spruce tree cones were collected from the forest’s floor in the Rocky Mountains near Jasper AB. I can recall my glee at finding these gems a few summer ago, and was so excited to cast them. As expected they turned out perfectly! These cones measure around 3 cms long and 2 cms wide; they are garnished on a 30″ sterling silver chain. They are also plated in rhodium; a semi-precious metal more valuable than gold. I like rhodium as it is hypo-allergenic and does not tarnish. At shows I am often asked about the difference between the spruce and balsam fir cone, as they look very similar. The main difference is these spruce cones tend to be smoother to the touch; specifically, the scales of the cone have less texture, therefore the cones tend to shine more. The spruce cones I cast are also generally smaller than the balsam fir cone, but are often a bit larger in the width when comparing similar sized cones. This gives the impression that the cones are more oval shaped than the balsam fir cone. So how do you choose between the 2 types of cones; my response is always the same: which one makes you smile more!

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