Sterling Silver Western Red Cedar Bow Earrings


I love all my jewelry yet only wear a few items consistently, and the cedar bow earrings are one such item. Western Red Cedar is a beautiful tree with evergreen flowing branches that grows in abundance on the West Coast of BC. It has been used for centuries by indigenous peoples for many purposes including building dug out canoes and in ceremonies. These top selling earrings were one of the first items created in my ever growing collection of Natuurlijke jewelry, and due to their popularity I have continued to make them for several years. With time comes practice, and over the years I have learned that some trees produce bows that will cast perfectly while others are too dainty to equate success. I have several favourite spots where I collect these bows, each one individually chosen for their texture, thickness and potential to make stunning little gems. These beauties are cast in silver and measure around 4.5 cms in length. They evoke thoughts of our magical West Coast forests, exhibit incredible detail and texture, and are wonderfully light to wear.

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